Coolant, Interlocked guards, Low Volt Light, Programmable Coolant Nozzle, Manuals, USB Port, Swarf Auger, High Speed Machining Function

Control HAAS
Maximum workpiece weight 680kg
Table Size 914 x 457mm
Traverses XYZ 762 x 508 x 508mm
Cutting Speed 21.2m/minute
Rapid Feedrates 35.6m/minute
Min - Max Height under Spindle 102 - 610mm
Spindle Motor Power 22.4kW
Spindle Speed 0 - 12000rpm
Tool Change Capacity 24 Station
Tool Change Time (Chip to Chip) 2.2 seconds
Tool Size BT40
Machine Dimensions 3073 x 1981 x 2769mm
Model VF-2 SSY
Year 2014
Type Vertical Machining Centres
Price £POA
Our Reference PM7514
Location Leicester


Delivery ex works, subject to prior sale Transport, siting & commissioning extra at cost


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